planingRhino Features

Planing craft resistance prediction for the Rhino3D CAD platform.
An easy to use, affordable, reliable and fast plugin running inside boat & yacht designer’s favorite 3D CAD environment, the Rhino3D. planingRhino is capable to estimate the performance of your fresh or existing hull design by either reading  geometry parameters directly from your 3D model or evaluating a hull from user provided data. Although simple in use, our plugin enables the designer or naval architect to:

  • User defines parameters (Geometry, displacement, CoG, thrust location, sectional area and pressure center) in Metric or Imperial units. Alternatively planingRhino uses loaded 3D model to calculate parameters needed for resistance prediction. User can still assess and override calculated parameter values.
  • Evaluate hull design up to ten (10) speeds. User defines minimum and maximum speed to evaluate. planingRhino corrects minimum speed if Froude number < 0.5.
  • planingRhino suggests typical values for (salt) water density, water kinematic viscosity in Metric or Imperial units as well as a typical friction correlation value. User can override these values.
  • Running trim angle estimation in degrees for each speed.
  • Aerodynamic resistance estimation in kN or lbs for each speed (if required input is given).
  • Estimation of bare-hull and total resistance in kN or lbs for each speed.
  • Estimation of effective power in kN or lbs for each speed.
  • Definition of propulsion efficiency (%) and resistance margin (%) and estimation of total required power in kW or hp for each speed.
  • Generation of comments along with results. Comments include: hull speed mode (pre-planing, semi-planing or full-planing), and warnings when given or calculated values are out of prediction method boundary limits.
  • Results are presented in a tabular view (spreadsheet style). User can copy and paste in other software as usual.
  • Generation of two graphs: a speed-trim curve and a speed-resistance curve
  • Export results in .cvs format for further process or reporting using spreadsheet software such us MS-Excel or OpenCalc.

planingRhino runs as a Rhino3D 5.0 plugin on Windows 7 or greater
You can Download a free evaluation copy or buy a licence.