planingRhino Installation

Installing planingRhino Plugin

  1. Download your own copy here. You can try all the plugin features for for free for three times. After the trial period you need to purchase a valid licence here.
  2. After you download the installer file, double click its icon:
  3. The installer’s main window will appear. Follow the simple instructions presented to install your copy of planingRhino:
  4. You are now ready to run planingRhino for first time. Open your Rhino3D application as usual. In case a planingRhino toolbar is not shown, you can setup the toolbar as follows: Right-click on your standard toolbar, select the ‘Show Toolbar’ submenu and click on rhinoPlaning. A new toolbar containing a planingRhino button will appear. You can drag and drop the new toolbar on your other toolbars in order to have it as a tab.

  5. You can now click on the planingRhino button to view planingRhino’s main window.
  6. Alternatively you can type ‘rhinoPlaningCommand’ in the Rhino3D command line as follows (Rhino will autocomplete the command):