planingRhino Licence

You can download and use planingRhino for free for 3 times. After trial period expires, you need a valid licence to continue using planingRhino plugin. In order to check you licence status click on ‘About’ button located in the main window. A new window will appear with information about the version of the plugin. At the bottom of the ‘About’ window you can check the licence status, days left until your copy expires as well as licence information.

In order to licence your copy follow the following instructions:

  1. Purchase a valid licence here
  2. After successful purchase, a licence file will be sent to your email
  3. Open Rhino3D and run planingRhino plugin as usual (from toolbar or command line)
  4. Click on ‘About’. A new ‘About’ window will appear
  5. Click on ‘Load Licence’ button. A new Open File dialog will appear.
  6. Locate and select the licence file and click open
  7. Your Licence Status will change from ‘Evaluation Mode’ to ‘Licenced’
  8. Your details (company, name, surname) will appear