Boat owners, engine vendors or yards can use our propeller calculator application, propCalc,  to estimate the performance of a planing boat, choose the right diameter and pitch of the propeller or evaluate the existing setup. propCalc is easy to use and requires no installation as well as minimum user input. It is the ideal practical tool for quick performance evaluation of new or existing boats, propeller sizing, and re-powering.

propCalc runs within most web browsers allowing you to use it with almost any platform. It requires minimum user input as it applies a simple but practical method to estimate a boat’s performance and its propeller size. propCalc can help you:

  • Estimate a planing or fast semi-planing maximum speed
  • Determine the diameter and pitch of its propeller(s)
  • Produce running data for the whole range of engine rpm including: boat speed, power delivered to shaft and fuel consumption
  • User can provide existing propeller performance data. In this case propCalc will estimate running data for the existing propeller for comparison
  • Produce power curves for the engine, the proposed propeller and the existing propeller
  • Print the output or save it as pdf file

propCalc, 35 EUR